Doctor Who: Season 5

No Code Title Air Date Eps Exists
37 2M The Tomb of the Cybermen 02 Sep 1967 4 All
38 2N The Abominable Snowmen 30 Sep 1967 6 2
39 2O The Ice Warriors 11 Sep 1967 6 1,4,5,6
40 2P The Enemy of the World 23 Dec 1967 6 All
41 2Q The Web of Fear 03 Feb 1967 6 1
42 2R Fury From the Deep 16 Mar 1967 6 None
43 2S The Wheel in Space 27 Apr 1967 6 3,6


Tomb of the Cybermen was believed to have been lost, but was rediscovered in the Far East in 1991. It is now the only existing complete story from this season, all others having been at least partially lost. Victoria chooses to remain on Earth at the end of Fury from the Deep. Zoe joins in The Wheel In Space.

Episode Details

The Tomb of the Cybermen

The Doctor and his companions arrive on Telos, legendary home of the Cybermen, to find an archeological expedition from Earth exploring the underground remains of a Cyberman city. But are the Cybermen really all dead?
Video Release: PAL VHS BBC Video BBCV4772, Cert PG. NTSC Version released by CBS/FOX (5731)

The Abominable Snowmen

The Doctor returns to a Tibetan monastery where an old friend lives but discovers that things have changed and the Yeti have become aggressive and are threatening the monastery. Capturing one, the Doctor discovers that they are in fact robots being controlled by alien glowing spheres located in their chests.

The Ice Warriors

In the distant future, the Earth is in the grip of a second Ice Age. While investigating a mysterious series of power losses, a tall warrior figure is found encased in the ice. Can the Doctor save the Earth from the Ice Warriors.

The Enemy of the World

Arriving on the Australian coast in the near future, the Doctor discovers the planet devastated by earthquakes. The Doctor begins to believe that they may not be natural, and his investigations lead him to a powerful man who is the spitting image of the Doctor.

The Web of Fear

The Doctor returns to London to visit his friend Professor Travis and discovers that the Yeti are active again, this time in the London Underground. Joining forces with Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart (later of UNIT), the Doctor does battle with the Yeti once again.

Fury From the Deep

After a spate of attacks on North Sea gas drilling platforms, the Doctor and his companions are accused of sabotage. The Doctor detects an alien presence in the sea weed gathered around the pipes and discovers that it absorbs human beings and turns them into monsters.

The Wheel in Space

The TARDIS materialises on a drifting rocket inhabited by a rather unfriendly Robot. The rocket is in orbit of a large space station where the Doctor discovers Cybermats, the dreaded mechanical rodent-like killing machines of the Cybermen. All to soon, the space station is attacked by a large Cyberman invasion fleet...