Doctor Who: Season 4

No Code Title Air Date Eps Exists
28 2C The Smugglers 10 Sep 1966 4 None
29 2D The Tenth Planet 08 Oct 1966 4 1,2,3
Second Doctor - Patrick Troughton
30 2E The Power of the Daleks 05 Nov 1966 6 None
31 2F The Highlanders 17 Dec 1966 4 None
32 2G The Underwater Menace 14 Jan 1967 4 3
33 2H The Moonbase 11 Feb 1967 4 2,4
34 2J The Macra Terror 11 Mar 1967 4 None
35 2K The Faceless Ones 08 Apr 1967 6 1,3
36 2L The Evil of the Daleks 20 May 1967 7 2


At the end of The Tenth Planet, the Doctor regenerates for the first time, and Patrick Troughton takes over (his first story is The Power of the Daleks). Ben and Polly remain on the Earth of 1966 at the end of the Faceless Ones.

Episode Details

The Smugglers

The TARDIS materializes on the Cornish Coast in the seventeenth century and are soon surrounded by pirates and smugglers. The Doctor becomes embroiled when he overhears a conversation pin-point the location of a large hoard of treasure...

The Tenth Planet

The TARDIS materializes near a monitoring station at the South Pole, just as the Cybermen arrive to steal the resources of the Earth to replenish their own world, Mondas. All too soon the monitoring station is under the control of the Cybermen and a space mission being controlled from the base is in deadly danger.

The Power of The Daleks

The TARDIS lands on the Earth colony of Vulcan in 2020 and discovers that a derelict spaceship has been discovered containing two immobile Daleks. The chief scientist reactivates one in the hope of using it as a servant, but the plan goes wrong and all too soon the planet is being overrun with Daleks...

The Highlanders

The TARDIS arrives at Culloden straight after the battle between the English forces and Bonnie Prince Charlie. They meet a group of Highlanders who are on the run, and soon they are all captured by the English forces. They soon learn of a plan to deport the captured Highlanders as slaves to the West Indies...

The Underwater Menace

Landing on a volcanic island, the Doctor and his companions are captured by the primitive Atlanteans and are taken to their undersea city, Atlantis. Here they are to be sacrificed to a goddess, but are rescued just in time by the scientist Zaroff. Unfortunately, Zaroff has plans for them are as deadly as those of the Atlanteans...

The Moonbase

The Year: 2070, The Place: The Moon. A device known as the Graviton is being used to control the weather on Earth. Soon the crew looking after it at the Moonbase start becoming ill, but it is no ordinary illness. Then the dreaded Cybermen make an appearance...

The Macra Terror

The TARDIS arrives at a giant holiday camp occupying an entire planet. The Doctor is warned that a race of crab-like creatures called the Macra are secretly taking control, and he soon discovers their sinister plans to mine the deadly gas they live on using slaves.

The Faceless Ones

Arriving at Gatwick Airport in 1966, the Doctor discovers that a large number of people who have taken a journey with the holiday company Chameleon Tours have disappeared. With the help of his companions, the Doctor discovers that the passengers were all kidnapped by a identity-less alien race and are being held in a space station above the Earth.

The Evil of the Daleks

While investigating a mysterious antiques business the Doctor and Jamie get dragged back in time, and discover a Victorian Scientist who has accidentally attracted the attentions of the Daleks. They have captured his daughter, Victoria, and are holding her hostage in exchange for the Scientist's assistance in trapping the Doctor.