Doctor Who Season 14

No Code Title Air Date Eps Exists
86 4M The Masque of Mandragora 04 Sep 1976 4 All
87 4N The Hand of Fear 02 Oct 1976 4 All
88 4P The Deadly Assassin 30 Oct 1976 4 All
89 4Q The Face of Evil 01 Jan 1977 4 All
90 4R The Robots of Death 29 Jan 1977 4 All
91 4S The Talons of Weng-Chiang 26 Feb 1977 6 All


Sarah-Jane Smith leaves at the end of The Hand of Fear; in the Deadly Assassin the Doctor is alone - the first time this happens in the series. Leela joins in The Face of Evil.

Episode Details

The Masque of Mandragora

The Mandragora Helix, a being composed entirely of energy, enters the TARDIS and hence reaches 15th century Italy. There, the Mandragora energy takes control of the black magic cult of Demnos, and plans to destroy the best minds of the Renaissance.
NTSC Video release by CBS/FOX (5948)

The Hand of Fear

The TARDIS materializes in a quarry just as the rock face is blasted away by open cast miners. Sarah-Jane is buried and when the Doctor and the miners dig her out, she is grasping a hand made of rock incredibly tightly. Soon, under it's influence, she breaks into a nuclear power plant and places the hand in the radio-active core; soon it starts to re-grow a body and gains a life of it's own.

The Deadly Assassin

The Doctor is summoned to Gallifrey by a vision of the new President being assassinated. Once there, he tries to prevent the assassination, but the President is shot despite his efforts, and the Doctor is found high above the Panoptican clutching the murder weapon. He is arrested and sentenced to death! Can he escape and reveal the true killers?
NTSC Video release by CBS/FOX (5419)

The Face of Evil

The Doctor lands on a planet populated by two groups - the primitive Sevateem and the priestly Tesh. He is shocked to discover that the Sevateem's God, Xoanon, bears his own face! What has he done, and can he defeat himself?

The Robots of Death

The Doctor and his new companion Leela land on a giant Sandminer, which mines airborne minerals from an arid world. It is crewed by a few humans and a large number of robots. A crew member is murdered, and all the crew have alibis. The Doctor realizes that the robots are being reprogrammed to kill!
NTSC Video release by CBS/FOX (3726)

The Talons of Weng-Chiang

The Doctor takes Leela to Victorian London, where a series of young women have disappeared. A vicious Chinese Tong and their God, Weng Chiang, appear to be involved - but can an ancient Chinese God really be stalking the fog-cloaked streets of London?
NTSC Video release by CBS/FOX (5094)