Doctor Who Season 15

No Code Title Air Date Eps Exists
92 4T Horror of Fang Rock 03 Sep 1977 4 All
93 4V The Invisible Enemy 01 Oct 1977 4 All
94 4W Image of the Fendahl 29 Oct 1977 4 All
95 4X The Sun Makers 26 Nov 1977 4 All
96 4Y Underworld 24 Dec 1977 4 All
97 4Z The Invasion of Time 21 Jan 1978 6 All


K9 joins as a companion in The Invisible Enemy. Leela leaves to stay on Gallifrey at the end of The Invasion of Time.

Episode Details

Horror of Fang Rock

The Doctor promises to take Leela to Brighton for a holiday. Instead, the TARDIS materializes on Fang Rock, inhabited only by the keepers of the Lighthouse. The light behaves erratically, causing a clipper to run aground. The lighthouse engineer dies in mysterious circumstances, and the remaining keepers and the clipper survivors start to die one by one. Can the Doctor and Leela uncover the mystery before everyone is dead?

The Invisible Enemy

A sentient space virus attacks the crew of a shuttlecraft on its way to a base of Titan. The virus also enters the TARDIS circuits and infects the Doctor, who starts behaving strangely, landing the TARDIS on Titan. The shuttle crew and the Doctor then attempt to kill Leela. Can she survive and help the Doctor fight the virus that's controlling him?

Image of the Fendahl

A 12 million year old skull starts to exhibit strange powers. The Doctor realizes that the feared Fendahl, a race known only from a Time Lord fairy story, is back - and the Earth is in deadly danger! NTSC Video released by CBS/FOX June 1996

The Sun Makers

Arriving at a human colony living in an artificial biosphere on Pluto, the Doctor discovers a citizen on the verge of committing suicide because of an impossible tax burden. Aiding the resistance, the Doctor discovers that the corrupt corporation controlling the colony is being run by an evil alien...


The TARDIS lands on a space craft on a many century mission, and the Doctor is immediately recognized as a Time Lord, much to his surprise. He aids the Minyans to locate their goal, a vessel known as P7E which is now at the center of an asteroid. As the Minyans attempt to recover the gene bank that contains their race, they clash with the half-robot/half-Minyan rulers of the asteroid.

The Invasion of Time

Gallifrey is under attack by a mysterious force, and it seems that the Doctor is a traitor. Can he uncover the real villains before they completely destroy the planet Gallifrey...