Doctor Who Season 13

No Code Title Air Date Eps Exists
80 4F Terror of the Zygons 30 Aug 1975 4 All
81 4G Planet of Evil 27 Sep 1975 4 All
82 4H Pyramids of Mars 25 Oct 1975 4 All
83 4J The Android Invasion 22 Nov 1975 4 All
84 4K The Brain of Morbius 30 Dec 1975 4 All
85 4L The Seeds of Doom 31 Jan 1976 6 All


Harry Sullivan leaves as a companion in Terror of the Zygons when he decides to return to UNIT HQ by train rather than take another trip in the TARDIS.

Episode Details

Terror of the Zygons

The Brigadier summons the Doctor back to Earth using a time/space telegraph device the Doctor left with him for grave emergencies. There has been a spate of disappearances, sinkings and attacks on oil rigs in the North Sea under very mysterious circumstances. The Doctor soon discovers that an unknown force is controlling the Loch Ness monster and has turned it from a shy, placid creature into a weapon of destruction...
NTSC Video release by CBS/FOX (5423)

Planet of Evil

The Doctor and Sarah-Jane arrive on the planet Zeta minor at the very edge of the Galaxy in answer to a distress call. All but one of a geological survey party from Morestra have been sucked dry by an invisible monster. A rescue ship arrives from Morestra but will the mysterious forces that control the planet allow anyone to leave... NTSC Video released by CBS/FOX (8370)

Pyramids of Mars

The excavation of an ancient Egyptian tomb unleashes the Evil Sutekh, last of the Osirans, imprisoned millenia before by his own people. Sutekh attempts to build a time/space bridge between his tomb prison and the English manor house that was the home of the unfortunate archeologist who opened the tomb.
NTSC Video release by CBS/FOX (3713)

The Android Invasion

Returning back to what appears to be UNIT headquarters, the Doctor and Sarah discover that all is not quite as it seems and that all their old friends are, in fact, Androids.
NTSC Video release by CBS/FOX March 1996

The Brain of Morbius

Landing on a barren and stormy planet, the Doctor and Sarah seek refuge in home of a scientist who appears to be trying some rather sinister experiments.
NTSC Video release by CBS/FOX (3715) Full Episodic Collectors edition released February 1997 (8456)

The Seeds of Doom

When an alien seed pod is discovered buried in glacial ice, a wealthy botanist arranges to have it stolen. Soon it starts to germinate and turns out to be very dangerous.
NTSC Video release by CBS/FOX (8294)