Doctor Who Season 9

No Code Title Air Date Eps Exists
60 3K The Day of the Daleks 01 Jan 1972 4 All
61 3M The Curse of Peladon 29 Jan 1972 4 All
62 3L The Sea Devils 26 Feb 1972 6 All
63 3N The Mutants 08 Apr 1972 6 All
64 3O The Time Monster 20 May 1972 6 All


The BBC lost the PAL (UK TV system) master tape of episode 2 of the Sea Devils, but found an American NTSC system tape of sufficient quality to convert it back into PAL to complete the story in color.

Episode Details

The Day of the Daleks

UNIT is placed in charge of security at a crucial Peace Conference, guarding Sir Reginald Styles, the diplomat with the best chance of averting a war between the Chinese and Russians. A mysterious guerilla force appears, attempts to kill Styles and then disappears with Jo and the Doctor - into a terrifying future Earth ruled by the Daleks and their brutish slaves, the Ogrons. The guerillas explain that the Daleks overran the Earth after a nuclear war back in the 20th century - caused by Styles. They believe the war and subsequent invasion can be averted by killing Styles. But are they right?
Video Release: PAL VHS BBC Video BBCV4109, Cert U.NTSC version released by CBS/FOX (5092)

The Curse of Peladon

The Time Lords send the Doctor and Jo to the primitive planet of Peladon. King Peladon and his Chancellor wish Peladon to join the Galactic Federation, and are entertaining a delegation from the Federation. The Doctor is mistaken for the Earth delegate, and becomes suspicious when he finds that an Ice Warrior is among the other delegates. Shortly after their arrival, the Chancellor is murdered, apparently by Aggedor - the mythical Royal Beast of Peladon. The Doctor investigates, discovers that there is a conspiracy to prevent Peladon joining the Federation, falls foul of the religious laws of Peladon and has to engage the King's Champion in a duel, and eventually comes face to face with a very real, very hairy and rather large Aggedor. Jo, meanwhile, has her hands full when King Peladon falls in love with her! Can the Doctor stay alive long enough to defeat the conspiracy?
Video Release: PAL VHS BBC Video BBCV4978, Cert PG. NTSC version released by CBS/FOX (8291)

The Sea Devils

The Doctor and Jo visit the Master in his island prison and during their visit hear tales of ships disappearing nearby. The Doctor becomes curious and investigates, discovering that the Sea Devils, aquatic relatives of the Silurians, have awoken from their slumbers and are being helped by the Master.
Video release by CBS/FOX May 1997

The Mutants

Once again, Jo and the Doctor are sent into danger by the Time Lords. They are given a vital message capsule, and are told that the capsule will open only in the presence of the recipient. They arrive on a Earth colonial space station above the inhospitable planet Solos - a planet with an extremely poisonous atmosphere, inhabited by an alien race called the Mutants. They discover that Solos is under the tyrannical rule of the sadistic Marshal, who has the Earth Administrator murdered, and then embarks upon an insane plan to convert the atmosphere into an Oxygen rich one, killing off the entire race of Mutants while making the planet suitable for human colonization. Can the Doctor save the Mutants?

The Time Monster

The Doctor attends an experiment in Interstitial Time travel, run by the mysterious Professor Thascales, who turns out to be the Master! He escapes back in time to Atlantis, and attempts to unleash Kronos, an awesome creature that can control all of time and space. Can the Doctor stop the Master?