Doctor Who Season 10

No Code Title Air Date Eps Exists
65 3R The Three Doctors 30 Dec 1972 4 All
66 3P Carnival of Monsters 27 Feb 1973 4 All
67 3Q Frontier in Space 24 Feb 1973 6 All
68 3S Planet of the Daleks 07 Apr 1973 6 All
69 3T The Green Death 19 May 1973 6 All


At the end of the season, Jo Grant leaves. With the untimely death of Roger Delgado in June 1973, Frontier in Space saw the last appearance of the Master until the Deadly Assassin in 1976.

Episode Details

The Three Doctors

Strange forces are draining the energy from the Time Lords home planet of Gallifrey. Desperate for a solution, the Time Lords collect the three regenerations of the Doctor from their respective timelines and set them on the problem of tracing the losses.
Video Release: PAL VHS BBC Video BBCV4650, Cert U. NTSC version released by CBS/FOX (3405)

Carnival of Monsters

The TARDIS materializes on a ship in the Indian Ocean in the early part of the twentieth century, or so it seems. The Doctor and Jo soon get the feeling that events are repeating themselves endlessly, but what is the truth of the situation.
NTSC Version released by CBS/FOX March 1996

Frontier in Space

A spate of attacks on spaceships threatens the uneasy alliance between Earth and the Draconians, but the Doctor suspects that a third party is trying to provoke war.
NTSC Version released by CBS/FOX March 1996

Planet of the Daleks

The Doctor falls into a deep coma as the TARDIS lands on the planet of Spiridon. Jo goes off to find help for the Doctor, but develops a fungal infection that threatens to kill her until she is aided by Wester, an invisible Spiridon. The Doctor recovers and meets up with a scout group of Thals, who tell him that a vast army of Daleks lie hidden somewhere on Spiridon - but where?

The Green Death

A spate of mysterious deaths strike miners in a small Welsh village. The dead men glow with a pulsing green light! The Doctor, Jo and the Brigadier soon find themselves on opposite sides as it becomes clear that the nearby chemical plant run by Global Chemicals is involved - but how? At the end of the story, Jo Grant meets and falls in love with Professor Cliff Jones, an ecologist campaigning against Global Chemicals, and leaves UNIT to marry him. Video release by CBS/FOX (8457)