Doctor Who Season 26

No Code Title Air Date Eps Exists
155 7M Battlefield 06 Sep 1989 4 All
156 7N Ghost Light 04 Oct 1989 3 All
157 7P The Curse of Fenric 25 Oct 1989 4 All
158 7Q Survival 22 Nov 1989 3 All


The New Series of Doctor Who aired in 2005. More information is available on the Links page.

Episode Details


The Doctor and Ace arrive near the site of an archaeological dig to discover strange goings on that have already attracted the attentions of UNIT, now commanded by Brigadier Winifred Bambera. Soon a battle between the mythological characters of Arthurian legend is raging, but why do they all refer to the Doctor as Merlin?

Ghost Light

Traveling back in time to Victorian England, Ace and the Doctor visit a house that Ace knew throughout her childhood as a haunted and frightening derelict. But what are the mysterious powers that have a grip on the people who live there, and what is the secret being hidden in the basement?

The Curse of Fenric

A small coastal village in wartime England is the setting. A historian discovers that an ancient curse has unleashed the Wolves of Fenric, and a number of the local residents have become Vampires. During their investigations they make some disturbing discoveries about Ace's past.


The Doctor and Ace return to Ace's old home, Perivale, where mysterious disappearances lead to the discovery of a race of catlike beings who can travel between dimensions. The Doctor fights to save Ace, who has been drawn into their web, and discovers that his old adversary the Master is already trapped.