Doctor Who Dimensions in Time Background

Thanks to Doug Vermes who was kind enough to allow me to reproduce the transcript of Dimensions in Time which he typed up.

What is Dimensions In Time?

Back in 1993, after the BBC's attempt to make a 30th Anniversary Doctor Who special failed (The Dark Dimension), they decided to make a small little special as a part of the Children in Need charity drive. Called Dimensions in Time, it was more or less an attempt to cram as many Doctors and companions into 15 minutes as humanly possible. As it was done for charity (none of the actors were paid), Dimensions in Time was never released on video. I'm providing a transcript of the entire Dimensions in Time special which I typed up way back when. All words and whatnot from the Dimensions in Time special, are the rights of the BBC and whomever else might have the rights. All Dimensions in Time-related material provided here is for your enjoyment, and is not to be sold or anything of that nature. In other words, I'm putting this text up for you to enjoy, but I am by no means intending to breach any rights or copyrights or whatnot. Enjoy!

Doug Vermes

January 1998