Doctor Who Season 2

No Code Title Air Date Eps Exists
9 J Planet of Giants 31 Oct 1964 3 All
10 K Dalek Invasion of Earth 21 Nov 1964 6 All
11 L The Rescue 02 Jan 1965 2 All
12 M The Romans 16 Jan 1965 4 All
13 N The Web Planet 13 Feb 1965 6 All
14 P The Crusade 27 Mar 1965 4 3
15 Q The Space Museum 24 Apr 1965 4 All
16 R The Chase 22 May 1965 6 All
17 S The Time Meddler 03 Jul 1965 4 All


This season saw the first set of changes to companions. In the Dalek Invasion of Earth, Susan leaves to remain on Earth. A new companion, Vicki, joins in The Rescue. In the Chase, a new companion Steven joins and Ian and Barbara leave.

Episode Details

Planet of Giants

Returning to Earth, the crew find themselves trapped in a jungle with monstrous creatures pursuing them. Soon they realize that they have become miniaturized and are indeed on Earth. In their miniature state, they discover dangerous experiments with a totally lethal insecticide are being performed but they seem powerless to stop them.

The Dalek Invasion of Earth

The Doctor and his companions arrive on Earth of the near future only to find it has been invaded by the Daleks who have turned the human race into slaves. What is the purpose behind the enormous mining project the Daleks are undertaking? Can the Doctor and his companions help the human resistance movement to foil the Daleks plans?
Video Release: PAL VHS BBC Video BBCV4353 (Two Tapes), Cert PG. Also NTSC version released CBS/FOX (5947)

The Rescue

The Doctor, Ian and Barbara arrive on the planet Dido in the 25th century, where they find a crashed space craft in which two survivors wait for a rescue ship from Earth. The female survivor, Vicki is instantly friendly, unlike her paralyzed companion, Bennett, who remains a mystery.
NTSC Version released March 1996 by CBS/FOX

The Romans

The Doctor and his companions take a holiday at a villa just outside Rome in 64 AD. While he and Vicki visit Rome, Ian and Barbara are captured and taken as slaves; Ian is sold as a galley slave, and Barbara to Nero's court. The Doctor is mistaken as an enemy of Nero's and is taken to the Emperors palace.
NTSC Version released March 1996 by CBS/FOX

The Web Planet

The TARDIS is pulled to the planet Vortis, where the butterfly-like Menoptera are fighting to regain their home from the evil force that has taken control of the ant-like Zarbi and used them to seize the planet. Can the Doctor and his companions free the planet...
Video Release: PAL VHS BBC Video BBCV4405 (Two Tapes), Cert U. NTSC Version released by CBS/FOX (One Tape) (8142)

The Crusade

The TARDIS arrives in 12th century Palestine and rapidly uncover a plan by the Saracen leader, Emir El Akir, to ambush Richard the Lionheart. King Richard has is own plans which rely on his sister Joanna marrying the Emir, something she is most definitely not prepared to accept.

The Space Museum

The Doctor and his companions arrive on a planet which houses an all but forgotten museum. While touring it, they are horrified to discover that they themselves are exhibits in one of the cases. Can they avoid become just an exhibit in a museum?

The Chase

The Doctor detects another time machine following his TARDIS and they try and shake it off. It soon becomes apparent that their pursuers are none other than the dreaded Daleks.
Video Release: PAL VHS (part of The Daleks Limited Edition Boxed Set) BBC Video BBCV5005, Cert PG.NTSC version released by CBS/FOX (4795)

The Time Meddler

Arriving at a remote spot on the English coast in 1066, the Doctor and his companions are astounded to find a modern wristwatch and tape recorder. What is the connection between the mysterious monk and the Viking spies?