Doctor Who: Season 1

No Code Title Air Date Eps Exists
0 Pilot An Unearthly Child 31 Aug 1991 1 All
1 A An Unearthly Child 23 Nov 1963 4 All
2 B The Daleks 21 Dec 1963 7 All
3 C The Edge of Destruction 08 Feb 1964 2 All
4 D Marco Polo 22 Feb 1964 7 None
5 E The Keys of Marinus 11 Apr 1964 6 All
6 F The Aztecs 23 May 1964 4 All
7 G The Sensorites 20 Jun 1964 6 All
8 H The Reign of Terror 08 Aug 1964 6 1,2,3,6


Originally the pilot was not intended to be aired, but was finally shown as a part of a tribute to the BBC's Lime Grove studios when they were closed in 1991.

Episode Details

An Unearthly Child

Mystified by a strange schoolgirl in their class, two teachers, Ian and Barbara, follow her home to find out more. Home turns out to be a mysterious Police Box in a Tinkers Yard in which she lives with her grandfather, who claims to be able to travel in space and time.
Video Release: PAL VHS BBC Video BBCV4311, Cert PG. NTSC Version released by CBS/FOX (3401)

The Daleks

Arriving in a petrified forest, the Doctor and his companions find traces of a recent visitation. Upon investigation the crew encounter the peaceful Thals and hear about their war with terrible machine creatures called Daleks who live in a nearby city.
Video Release: PAL VHS BBC Video BBCV4242, Cert U. NTSC Version released by CBS/FOX (8253)

Edge of Destruction

When an experiment goes wrong a large explosion shakes the TARDIS, and it appears that it was almost destroyed and has been left hanging in the void. The Doctor becomes suspicious and accuses the teachers of sabotage.

Marco Polo

The TARDIS crew meet the explorer, Marco Polo, who is on his way to the court of Kublai Kahn. Marco Polo hopes to free himself from the service of the Kublai Kahn by presenting him with the TARDIS and thence return to Europe.

The Keys of Marinus

The TARDIS lands on the mysterious island of Marinus which is surrounded by a sea of acid, and is captured by the Keeper of the conscience of Marinus. The Conscience of Marinus is a machine that ensures justice to the people of Marinus. The Doctor and his companions set off to retrieve the four missing keys that control it, but can they stop them falling into enemy hands.

The Aztecs

The TARDIS arrives inside an Aztec temple in the 15th century. The travelers leave the temple, and a massive door closes behind them, cutting them off from the TARDIS. Barbara is mistaken for a reincarnation of Yetaxa (an Aztec God), while Ian is forced into a fight to the death with the Aztec champion Ixta. While the Doctor attempts to find a way back to the TARDIS again, Barbara takes advantage of her position to try to stop human sacrifices, against the Doctor's wishes.
Video Release: PAL VHS BBC Video BBCV4743, Cert U. NTSC Version released by CBS/FOX (8100)

The Sensorites

The TARDIS lands on a 28th century spaceship from earth that is under the control of aliens known as Sensorites. Through telepathic communication with Susan, the Doctor and his companions are invited to the Sensor-sphere, home of the Sensorites. The Doctor uncovers a human plot to kill the Sensorites, but can he put a stop to it in time?

The Reign of Terror

The TARDIS materializes in France in the grip of the French Revolution and the crew rapidly become embroiled. Before long Ian and Susan are captives in the Bastille and the Doctor impersonates a regional governor in an attempt to get them freed. Ian and Barbara become spies, trying to find out who the next leader of France is to be, and when they discover Napoleon Bonaparte is the likely contender, the suggestion is met with derision.