Forward to Second Edition

It has been ten years since this article was published. It was my first attempt at writing scholarly research without it being in partial fulfillment of the requirements of a college course. I don't quite remember when I started the research process, it could have been around 1999-2000; and the writing process took even longer. I started the article without speech recognition and speech recognition helped me to complete it. The article was the cornerstone of my master's thesis For the Good of the Service: Husband E Kimmel and the Aftermath of Pearl Harbor. Over the years, have learned how and where to look for sources, and I have found better sources than were available to me in 2005. I have used them to verify the accuracy of the sources in the original edition, which to my surprise are equally accurate; but they are webpages that have few bookmarks. The verifying sources have page numbers. In footnotes, the original sources are listed first and then the sources used to verify the originals. The footnotes also include references to my thesis and additional information where appropriate. Other than changing citation style, verifying the accuracy of sources in the original, verifying the functioning of URLs, and correcting typos and spelling mistakes; I have not added to or subtracted from the body of the article. Additionally, the links in some citations have been shortened so that the article is readable on smaller devices. Complete URLs for shortened links are available in the Word document. My hope is this second edition will be easier to understand and reference.

John Keegan

July 2015