Doctor Who Season 7

No Code Title Air Date Eps Exists
Third Doctor- Jon Pertwee
51 3A Spearhead From Space 03 Jan 1970 4 All
52 3B The Silurians 31 Jan 1970 7 All
53 3C The Ambassadors of Death 21 Mar 1970 7 All
54 3D Inferno 09 May 1970 7 All


The Doctor is banished to Earth and his ability to travel in time is removed. He works for his friend the Brigadier from UNIT as scientific advisor, and is given an assistant. Initially this is Liz Shaw. From the beginning of this season, the stories were all made in color, although not all of them survive in this form.

Episode Details

Spearhead From Space

The Doctor investigates mysterious deaths and discovers plastics that are being controlled by an alien intelligence. Soon an army of lethal plastic shop dummies is on the move.
Video Release: PAL VHS BBC Video BBCV4107, Cert U. NTSC Version released by CBS/FOX (5421)

The Silurians

A secret underground research center is having serious problems with both personnel and unexplained losses of power. The problems are traced to a cave nearby where an ancient race of reptilian humanoids has been reawakened after millions of years of suspended animation.
Video Release: PAL VHS BBC Video BBCV4990 (Two Tapes), Cert PG. NTSC Version released by CBS/FOX (8256)

The Ambassadors of Death

The Doctor investigates a space probe that returns with a crew who are most certainly no longer human. Can he stop criminal factions making use of the aliens to carry out their schemes?


When an attempt to drill into the Earth's core does wrong, the Doctor gets transported into a parallel universe, where Britain has been ruled by a Fascist dictatorship for years. He meets the alter egos of his friends - the one-eyed Brigade Leader, and Captain Liz Shaw - who never become a scientist! To his horror, the drilling project unleashes an inferno which destroys the alternate Earth. Back in our universe, can he stop the drilling before the same fate befalls our Earth?
NTSC Version released by CBS/FOX (8192)