Doctor Who Season 23

No Code Title Air Date Eps Exists
144 7A The Mysterious Planet 06 Sep 1986 4 All
145 7B Mindward 04 Oct 1986 4 All
146a 7C Terror of the Vervoid 01 Nov 1986 4 All
146b 7C The Ultimate Foe 29 Nov 1986 2 All


These are unofficial episode titles since all stories this season were merely numbered episodes under the season title--Trail of A Timelord.

Episode Details

The Mysterious Planet

The Doctor and Peri arrive on the Earth in the distant future, only to find that civilization is gone and only a small number of stone age tribes remain. However the Doctor soon discovers another race living underground and under the control of a manic robot who appears to be guarding a dark secret.


The Doctor and Peri travel to Thoros Beta, where they discover some very dangerous and unethical scientific experiments are being undertaken. Soon Peri is captured and becomes a subject in one of the experiments...

Terror of the Vervoids

The Doctor and Mel are on board an interstellar cruise liner when mysterious deaths and disappearances start occurring. The Doctor investigates and soon becomes suspicious of some scientists who are returning from an expedition with some very unusual plant life.

The Ultimate Foe

When the Master speaks to the court from within the Matrix, it becomes obvious that much of the evidence thus far presented may be false. The Master claims that the Doctor has been framed by the Timelords and that the Valeyard is merely a product of the Doctor's darker side. The Valeyard flees into the Matrix and the Doctor pursues him into the dangerous fantasy world the Valeyard has created within...