Doctor Who Season 19

No Code Title Air Date Eps Exists
117 5W Castrovalva 04 Jan 1982 4 All
118 5X Four to Doomsday 18 Jan 1982 4 All
119 5Y Kinda 01 Feb 1982 4 All
120 5Z The Visitation 15 Feb 1982 4 All
121 6A Black Orchid 01 Mar 1982 2 All
122 6B Earthshock 08 Mar 1982 4 All
123 6C Time-Flight 22 Mar 1982 4 All


In Earthshock, Adric becomes the third companion to be killed while with the Doctor - the first since the story The Dalek Masterplan in which both Katarina and Sara Kingdom died.

Episode Details


Confined to a wheelchair after his traumatic regeneration, the Doctor and his companions visit the peaceful city of Castrovalva to recuperate. Wandering about the city, Nyssa and Tegan realize that it has no consistent layout! As the city begins to disintegrate around them, the Doctor realizes it is not real - it is a block transfer computation created by the Master!

Four to Doomsday

The travelers encounter the repulsive Monarch of the dead planet Urbanka, travelling to Earth on a giant spacecraft. Can the Doctor prevent the insane Monarch poisoning the Earth's atmosphere and repopulating the planet with the reborn Urbankan race?


The Doctor and his companions arrive on a beautiful planet, inhabited by the Kinda, peaceful telepathic natives, and designated S14 by an Earth colonial survey team. While Nyssa rests in the TARDIS, the Doctor and Adric are captured by the survey team, and Tegan falls into a deep sleep in the Place of Dreaming. In her dreams, she is tormented by the Mara, an evil creature that wants to escape from the darkness. But is it just a dream, or something more sinister?

The Visitation

The TARDIS materializes in England in 1666, the time of the Great Plague, and discover three Terileptils stranded on Earth and enslaving the local population. The Doctor offers the aliens his help to return them to their home world, but it emerges that they are fugitives who would much prefer to take the Earth for themselves! The Doctor pursues them to London, where he confronts them in a bakery in Pudding Lane!

Black Orchid

The Doctor and his companions land near a village green in the 1920s and the Doctor is mistaken for a friend of a friend who'd been asked to help out with a cricket match. After the Doctor helps the side to victory, he and his companions are invited to the home of Lady Cranleigh. Her son's intended, Ann, looks identical to Nyssa and the two hatch a plan to exchange places at a fancy dress ball. Things however turn from the idyllic when a murder takes place and the Doctor becomes the prime suspect...


Time: The 25th century, Place: Earth. A party of soldiers are called to investigate the mysterious deaths of a group of scientists researching fossils in a network of caves. One by one, the soldiers are picked off by a terrifying force that reduces a human to a sticky gel! Just then the TARDIS materializes in the caves and the Doctor and his companions are immediately suspects. Can the Doctor and his companions prove their innocence and find out what is down there?


The Doctor investigates the disappearance of a Concorde in mid-flight and he becomes convinced that it has been transported back in time. Following it back into the Pleistocene era, he finds that the Master is behind a plot to control the power of an ancient race all but destroyed by a galactic war.