1 Both The Science of Deduction and The blog of Dr. John. H. Watson were crated and are maintained by the BBC. Watson's blog is creative, it even has comments; but they are within the world created by Steven Moffat. That is, viewers cannot post comments. Both sites are no longer maintained by the BBC and are only available through the Wayback machine at Additionally, The Science of Deduction domain appears to have been purchased by a private investigation firm in the United Kingdom. Visit the site at your own risk. It doesn't look reputable, which is why no link is provided.

2 h2g2,cofounded by Douglas Adams, stands for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - an unconventional guide to Life, The Universe and Everything. This site - the Earth Edition of the Guide - is an encyclopedic project contributed to by people from all over the world. was launched in April 1999, and the BBC took over the running of the site in February 2001 as part of a drive to develop new and innovative online services (The h2g2 Tour accessed October 28, 2010).

3 Brief definition and history of policing is now only available through the wayback machine at