During the Granada television series Jeremy Paul and Jeremy Brett collaborated on a Holmes play in which Brett starred alongside Edward Hardwicke as Dr. Watson. The play's central theme is the friendship between Holmes and Watson. I found the audio of a 1989 performance, at least the first 30 minutes of it, on YouTube. But as most things on the Internet do those videos went down and are no longer available. (See Running Websites and The Second Law of Thermodynamics). I have made some changes. Complete audio of the play from The Jeremy Brett Archive is still available. I have replaced the YouTube audio with commentary about the play and interviews with Jeremy Brett.

Complete Play Audio

Act 1

Act 2

~ Rebecca Wilde, The Jeremy Brett Archive 2016

The Secret of Sherlock Holmes – a play starring Jeremy Brett

~ David Ryan, March 22, 2021

Jeremy Brett on Secret of Sherlock Holmes (John Tibbetts' interview)

~ oscary 1, December 23, 2017

Jeremy Brett NPR 1991 Interview: Part 1

~ macolleague, June 10, 2010

Jeremy Brett NPR 1991 Interview: Part 2

~ macolleague, June 10, 2010