Dr. Bell
Dr. Joseph Bell
Conan Doyle

Many years ago when I wrote Genetic Dragnet: Constitutional? It renewed my interest Forensic Science, which was kindled by reading the stories of Sherlock Holmes. In fact, many credit Sir Arthur Conan Doyle through Holmes for popularizing, if not pioneering, the use of Forensic Science in detection.The character of Sherlock Holmes is based on Dr. Joseph Bell. One of Conan Doyle's medical school professors.

In his instruction, Bell emphasized the importance of close observation in making a diagnosis. To illustrate this, he would often pick a stranger and, by observing him, deduce his occupation and recent activities. These skills cause him to be considered a pioneer in Forensic Science (

From such truth great fiction is made; and from great fiction can sometimes comes truth. Just three years ago the Royal Society of Chemistry honored Holmes with a fellowship. It said: Many years ago, Holmes was using what would one day be forensic science in detection. Thanks to his science today, more crimes are solved than ever before (Holmes Still Walks).

There lays my interest in Forensic Science. What links are out there? Few that are maintained, and fewer still that are for the non-specialist like myself, thus the following list is weak, but getting stronger.