Dorn Report


Under Secretary of Defense Edwin Dorn wrote a Memorandum for the Deputy Secretary of Defense, captioned “Advancement of Rear Admiral Kimmel and General Short,” dated December 15, 1995, attached was a 74 page report known as the Dorn Report. The report was compiled because Senator Strom Thurmond requested an additional Department of Defense review after a meeting with the Admiral Kimmel's family in April 1995.1 It is here for download.

The zip file contains 6 text (.txt) files.

More information about Edwin Dorn at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs



1 Remarks at the Meeting of the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Members of The Kimmel Family dealing with the Posthumous Restoration of the Rank of Admiral for Rear Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, United States Navy, April 27, 1995, Washington, D.C., (accessed August 15, 2015). Members of the Kimmel family present at that meeting were Edward R. Kimmel (son), Manning M. Kimmel, IV (grandson), Captain Thomas K. Kimmel, USN (Retired) (son), and Thomas K. Kimmel, Jr. (grandson).